Birds of Feather Phlock Together

For any who know me,  you know that my husband and I are self-proclaimed Parrotheads.  A Parrothead is what many fans of Jimmy Buffett call themselves.   It however is so much more than being a fan.  I like to call it a state of mind. Parrotheads love and live the life style of JimmyContinue reading “Birds of Feather Phlock Together”

Almost 40! Sorry I won’t be able to tell you though.

So I’m coming to the age of almost 40….dun, dun, dun. It seriously seems like just yesterday I was 19 and off to college and now time is passing by faster than I have to run to make it to the bathroom. Boy, my bladder isn’t what it used to be after popping out twoContinue reading “Almost 40! Sorry I won’t be able to tell you though.”