Don’t Stop Believing…..

Since I was a wee lad…..I have always had a love of art¬†(for some reason I love saying that, maybe its the influence of St. Patty’s day on ¬†Painting specifically was something I absolutely loved to do. I took art classes all four years in high school and I remember I would sit inContinue reading “Don’t Stop Believing…..”

Disneyland or bust and maybe a slight amount of batsh$t crazy

In the car driving to California, so excited because I LOVE, LOVE Disney and I am super dooper grateful we are going. It’s the freaking happiest place on earth, what’s not to love about it. However, it’s the drive there that usually puts me into a downward spiral of crazy that only Disney can cure.Continue reading “Disneyland or bust and maybe a slight amount of batsh$t crazy”