Don’t Stop Believing…..

Since I was a wee lad…..I have always had a love of art (for some reason I love saying that, maybe its the influence of St. Patty’s day on  Painting specifically was something I absolutely loved to do. I took art classes all four years in high school and I remember I would sit inContinue reading “Don’t Stop Believing…..”

Birds of Feather Phlock Together

For any who know me,  you know that my husband and I are self-proclaimed Parrotheads.  A Parrothead is what many fans of Jimmy Buffett call themselves.   It however is so much more than being a fan.  I like to call it a state of mind. Parrotheads love and live the life style of JimmyContinue reading “Birds of Feather Phlock Together”

Domo Arigato Mr……. Hashimoto….?????

Ok, yes for some reason every time I think of the word Hashimoto’s, I think of the song Mr. Roboto from the Styx.  I’m sure it’s the Japanese connection.  I also get hungry for Sushi so go figure. LOL  Going back over five months ago and I had never even heard of that word.  As aContinue reading “Domo Arigato Mr……. Hashimoto….?????”

Disneyland or bust and maybe a slight amount of batsh$t crazy

In the car driving to California, so excited because I LOVE, LOVE Disney and I am super dooper grateful we are going. It’s the freaking happiest place on earth, what’s not to love about it. However, it’s the drive there that usually puts me into a downward spiral of crazy that only Disney can cure.Continue reading “Disneyland or bust and maybe a slight amount of batsh$t crazy”

Almost 40! Sorry I won’t be able to tell you though.

So I’m coming to the age of almost 40….dun, dun, dun. It seriously seems like just yesterday I was 19 and off to college and now time is passing by faster than I have to run to make it to the bathroom. Boy, my bladder isn’t what it used to be after popping out twoContinue reading “Almost 40! Sorry I won’t be able to tell you though.”

Holiday road trip – Nothing like a family vacation

We have all seen the movie “Vacation” with Chevy Chase.   It is definitely one of my all time favs.   I think we can all relate to the often stressful times that come with family vacations.   Lets face it, it isn’t always easy and in fact it is almost always a lot ofContinue reading “Holiday road trip – Nothing like a family vacation”

Some of its magic, some of its tragic…but I have a good life

Today I was pondering while listening to my favorite Jimmy Buffett song.  By the way for those that dont know my husband and I are die hard Jimmy fans aka Parrotheads.  I was listening to the song “He went to Paris” and it really resonated with me. The words, “Some of its magic, some of itsContinue reading “Some of its magic, some of its tragic…but I have a good life”