A little about me……  I am most proud of being a mother.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband.  I am an unstoppable dancer, despite my lack of skills (think Napoleon Dynamite meets Elaine from Seinfeld) unfortunately for most,  it doesn’t stop me.   I am a Parrothead and frequenter of Jimmy Buffet concerts.   My favorite saying is “if we weren’t all crazy, we would go insane”.   One of my favorite movies is Office Space because it rings true to my feeling about working for the man.  I also love all the National Lampoons Vacation movies because my husband is Clark and heck we all have a crazy family we can laugh at.   I am a creative spirit who has always loved art, photography and writing.  I love to create art that inspires people and reminds people of the beauty of life.   I’ve lost a few of my closest loved ones and because of that I truly believe in angels and have faith that beautiful angels watch over me.  Angels are the biggest inspiration for my work.  I believe angel are in all of us, around us and in people here on earth that love, care and look out for us.     I believe that only kindness matters because being mean and mad takes up too much energy.  We all have a limited time here and we should always make the most of it.


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