Almost 40! Sorry I won’t be able to tell you though.

So I’m coming to the age of almost 40….dun, dun, dun. It seriously seems like just yesterday I was 19 and off to college and now time is passing by faster than I have to run to make it to the bathroom. Boy, my bladder isn’t what it used to be after popping out two kiddos and passing a few kidney stones along the way, but I digress.  It really does seem like I was just 29 and celebrating turning 30.  I don’t feel old, well besides my health being kinda sucky lately.  I mean I don’t think a number is that big of deal but next year when someone asks my age I cannot fathom the word “forty” coming out of mouth.   I think I’ll just say I am “age which cannot be named”,  kinda like Voldemort from Harry Potter.

Turning this ripe old age comes with baggage,  like a saggy butt and lots more wrinkles but I know I am definitely more at peace with everything in life and I don’t care as much what other people think. I remember stressing constantly if someone did or did not like me when I was in my 20’s and early 30’s but not so much.  I mean there will be people who will judge no matter who you are, even family can break you down!  I have learned that you have to be yourself and if they don’t like it than move on.   Honestly,  I used to be the biggest ‘Miss Please Everyone Nicey Pants’.  I am still a very kind person but if enough shit goes down than I have no problem giving the big “get the hell outa my life”.  Really who has time for the people who constantly cause drama?  I call them the “Life Suckers”! They are ones when you are around them you feel like the life has literally been sucked out of you.  Life is too short for drama,  save that for your momma.  Well actually don’t save that for your momma because honestly she probably had a lot of it already from you. As a momma that already has a lot of drama from my kids I sympathize.  😉

So in conclusion, turning 40 isn’t the end of the world,  I actually like the place I am in.  I won’t like or be able to tell you how old I am next year but that’s ok.  I am sure in time I will defeat my fear just like Harry did.   I’ll probably eventually get some Botox to defeat the wrinkles and maybe even start working out (gasp).  I think the important thing is to keep having fun,  being silly,  and dancing whenever you can. Oh and add embarrassing my kids to the list too, they pretty much think everything  I do is embarrassing.   Life is good,  after all I’m growing older but not up.

Photo on 4-24-12 at 4.03 PMIf you ever get bummed about being 40, or life in general, do one of those face distorting things.  You can’t go wrong and can’t be bummed looking like an alien.

No Bad Days,


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